Re: You missed again....hmmm...

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on May 04, 2002 at 20:34:57 PST:

What is there to hide....?

I can reach you here easily.

The reason i did not (yet) e-mail you, is:

1. I am in favour of freedom of information and freedom of speech which is a right.

2. I am not into playing games.

3. Had no time to read your link (i already have plenty of SR-71 books at home).

4. I will read your link when i have the time (for now i have a company to run, sorry. And postings i do on this web site are part of it (since this adds to the amount of research i accumulate for the next aircraft model projects i will release).

Fuel Fraction.

(you asked me for a reason, i gave one)
(now i have finished this one thread, much to the relief of one website administrator)
(smile please... relax... this is a forum. Right...?).

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