FDL-5 MA data (here we go)

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on May 04, 2002 at 20:27:45 PST:

I have detailed list of Lockheed FDL-5 technical paper titles i have found.

I would like to ask for the assistance of all real dedicated hypersonic aircraft fans to help me make a Freedom of Information Act request on these, and/or, to have them declassified, for researchers and historians to have access to them.

The papers are not "really" totally black, as i have been told that "they are circulating, and are available, if you are in the industry, or work with a gov't agency".

Normally, the papers "should be" avail. from the NTIS (National Technical Information Service).
Now, there is a trick. They list only papers as far as 3 years or so back on their server.
They also ask that you provide them with "the exact NTIS catalog number, to place you order", or, they "won't be able to help you"...

Now of course, how are we supposed to have NTIS's own catalog number if the items date back to 1969...?

There surely is a better way...

The other "trick" is that, you must be a pre-registered member with NTIS to place orders.
That part is easy. All you have to do, is order their catalog, and you will be automatically given a customer number.
This is the one you should use for all orders following this.

Now, since i'm located outside the US, the only thing i am asking from you guys (those who want to make the FOIA or declassification request) is that you send me a copy of the document you'll be able to get, as i am looking for the dimensions and 4 view drawings of this little FDL-5 MA, as well as any details showing the landing gear or skids, the wheel wells, cockpit, pop-out wings, rocket nozzles, and so on.

I'll post the titles tomorrow here if i receive a positive offer live here on this forum. I think i know already someone who will be willing to help, but, for the record, i prefer to do it this way, publicly, to ensure fair help.


Fuel Fraction


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