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Hi Magoo,

sorry, i forgot the later part of my Tu-160 e-mail, as i lost it 3 times under way...

Now just imagine this:

Jirinowsky wins the next elections.

(don't say it couldn't happen... look what's happening in France now.....).

I haven't looked at the last count for the fleet of
TU-160, but, calculated this way:

Lets say 15 Tu-160 all flightworthy. Plus cruise missiles.
(How many cruise missiles in a Tu-160 bomb bays...??)

I would bet no less than in a B-1 bomber.

These are also the aircrafts that Russia tend to baby more than say, the run of the mill fighters and tactical aircrafts.

All their most recent models are constantly being upgraded and kept at the ready. The Mig-31s (which are yet receiving another upgrade). The Su-27s, and the
Tu-160. What they've done, like the US, is destroy a lot of very old, completely obsolete 1950s type bombers (some of which had already been cannibalized long time ago).

True, the Russsian crews fly at most 21 hours each year, compared to about 20 per month for US crews, but, no one says this won't change, or could not change soon.

and it was not off topic.
You answered it, so, fair to answer it here.
It answers your earlier post where you said that the Russian bombers are no longer a threat (so, it is 100% legitimate for me to answer your post)
(unless someone wants to start to censore my legitimate posts...? )

(in which case that would be a Violation of US law).
(what's it with people today....?)

Fuel Fraction.

(people post a lot of topics that are way more off topic here in many cases, and no one sends them private e-mails like i just received tonight from Joerg asking me to stop "insulting" people (i would sure like to see the insult word i used).
The US test Russian aircrafts at Groom. And the very facility at Groom Lake was built specifically to defend against Russian threats.
So, that makes my topic very legitimate.
Anyone wants to say what i say is false, well, be welcome, but everyone can see it's not off topic).

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