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Message posted by gary on May 04, 2002 at 18:53:35 PST:

I gave Hank a reply off the list since it was lengthy, but I don't agree on the zoom lens for Red Flag. I would say easily 95% of the time the planes are too far away. Once in a while you do get lucky and the planes are too close, but even then you can hold off shooting until the plane fills the viewfinder. [Power Line Overlook is a place where the planes may be too close, but the planes tend to be C17's or similar that approach very slowly, giving you enough time to change lenses.]

Prime lenses tend to be sharper than zooms and generally faster. If you want to shoot ISO 100 handheld, you need a lens that is 400mmF5.6 or faster. The teleconverter costs two stops, probably putting the 210 zoom around F8 at a 400mm equivalent. This would require iso 400 film which has more grain than iso 100. The grain could be the difference between getting a tail number or not.

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