Tu-160 Still in production

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on May 04, 2002 at 18:03:14 PST:

Dear Magoo,

Hi again.

So, you think "the Russian bombers are no longer a threat"...?

Well then, i have a little new for you..

The Tu-160 is still in production. A mere few years after Yeltsin closed down the production line, the Tu-160 was put back in production.
They completed one bomber that had been left in half completed state at the Kazan plant.
Following this, they produced a second aircraft, and they now are still producing new ones.

New cruise missiles have been developped especially for the Tu-160. Some of which are little known here or still partly classified.

Also, Russia have already flown and hypersonic aircraft :)
(no, that's not the little axi-symmetric scramjet engine test that was attached at the nose tip of a SA-2 missile)
(and not the Raduga missile either (though, that makes 2 already... :)
(there is a third one).

Fuel Fraction.


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