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Message posted by Fuel Fraction on May 04, 2002 at 17:25:25 PST:

Obviously, you must be "a kid too" :)
For, if you had enough of a level of education, you would have been able to read my previous posts, and also seen my web site.
And if you "think" you are an engineer, you should say so plainly and directly (ha!ha!).
I for one, never pretended to be one, to then hide like you do behind derisive comments.
Hardly talking about adult behaviour here on your part :)

You should also know there ARE missile that go Mach 4, Mach 5, Mach 7 (air launched). One such missiles was developed by Teledyne Ryan (quite a long while ago), and was used by the Navy during a test to see if they could use it as a flying target. It used a hybrid rocket/airbreathing engine). Only problem was, they had no missiles fast enough to shoot it down.... (oops).

There have been also a number of hypersonic (airbreathing) missile projects (including for the Navy too), using ramjet or scramjet propulsion.

Fuel Fraction

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