Fastmover Sighting

Message posted by Chris on May 04, 2002 at 15:25:45 PST:

Hey Guys, this is my first post ever on this page and I hope that there are many interesting conversations ahead of us. I'm writing to day in response to the Fastmover sighting that the people at DLR had last month. I think that the terms "Fastmover" and "Slowmover" may indeed reflect the actual security/priority class of the aircraft in question. My theory is kind of like this, a Fastmover would more than likely be a test ot classified project operating out of the facility in which when on training missions/flights, would have the most attention and would take off/land as quickly as possible to reduce the chances of a sighting by a civilian. A Slowmover would then be such as either maybe a Janet flight or another incoming flight to Groom in which neither secret/classified projects are involved and therefore will not produce a security threat. If you listen back to the "Fastmover" intercept you will notice that the Slowmover is instructed to indeed told to hold up until the Fastmover either takes off/or lands. Therefore making the "Fastmover" priority #1. Feel free to throw any other ideas at my theory.


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