Re: B-52 / F-117 joint tactics?

Message posted by F-117A Webmaster on May 03, 2002 at 14:48:35 PST:

Well, when 806 was downed in Yugo, there was talk that an EA-6 wasn't in the right place, or was pulled off station, or something. I don't know the authenticity of any of that, and I don't talk tactics ANYWAY!!

Yes, I have heard the proposal of taking old BUFFS and making them huge EW aircraft. (Hmm..has anyone been reading Dale Brown lately???)

Wether it would be -117 specific....I doubt it.
The EA-6 fleet is hurting from what I read in AVLeak, and there are no other Jammers.

There's lots of talk about the JSF/F22 being employed as jammers also to solve this gap.

F-117A Webmaster

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