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Message posted by gary on May 01, 2002 at 11:41:21 PST:

Be sure you have analog roaming capabilities in your cellphone. I use Verizon, which works in Alamo, but not in Tonopah. AT&T works in Tonopah, but not Alamo.

Note that my solution does not allow the cellphone to be charged while the external antenna is connected. I just wanted to try the most basic system to see if it would work. You may want to get a fancier cable to connect to the phone. The good news is the antenna is a seperate component, meaning you can start out with a basic system, then upgrade the cable or even add RF amps.

Cell phones throttle their RF power basic on conditions. Though I got the phone to work at the powerlines, the talk time was very short since the phone was at full power (0.6 watts I think).

If you are a good hacker, one alternative is to buy an old "bag phone". These trade on ebay all the time for pocket change (under $10). Bag phones are 3 watts. However, you would have to clone the bag phone to look like your cell phone, which would require a visit to a back alley I suppose.

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