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Article in AV Press (Sunday, 28 April 2002 issue) reporting on the Saturday event. An excerpt:

Lou Fricke II worked on the program "start to finish" as a flight test engineer for Honeywell.

"We didn't talk about it," the elder Fricke said of work on the dark program. He would leave Southern California for the secret test site (since revealed to have been in the Nevada desert) on Monday and return home on Friday.

AND from today's issue (29 April 2002) another article and another excerpt:

"To discuss the Blackbird program freely was a crime. To venture near the aircraft without authorization could invite deadly force by small-arms fire from sentries.

There were code words. Oxcart and Archangel - program and code names for an aircraft so secret it was tested at a place that didn't exist - Area 51. Groom Lake, Nev. The Ranch"


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