Re: You da man Zip!

Message posted by John on April 28, 2002 at 14:11:53 PST:

Joerg, oops! that is the part that I left out, yes, my car did break down, fuel injection primary pump relay.
Yes, I had a spare one in my garage, very frustrating!
knowing precisely what really is wrong, having the part
to fix it only 45 miles behind me! I have friends living in Burbank, unfortunately, they have no interest
in Exotic Aircraft and didnt want to join me on my "photo Intell Mission" in their car. On my next "photo Intell Mission" most likely Red Flag in Sept. I will have some parts and the tools to change them. I am glad that this didnt happen on Nevada Hiway
375 say about 60 miles outside of Rachel!!!


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