Re: @"Fuel Fraction": My DLR article on Groom projects

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on April 27, 2002 at 13:42:08 PST:

Dear Andreas,

I know, I know...
I was just pulling your leg a little :)
to see what info you would give out in your answer.
No harm was intended.
I saw the disclaimer again last night, and i will try to help accurize the list you compiled, with infos i accumulated the past few years as well as interviews of engineers, about things like the Cockrell waverider (last picture at the bottom of your article),etc.<

When i do research, i always have to find more than one source, better, 3 or 4 sources, to corroborate what i may have found from one source previously. Like any good journalist does, so, naturally, i tried to probe and find out which were your sources.
I thank you for the additional detail you provided.


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