Re: The situation of Web Site for Nellis AFB.

Message posted by Andreas Parsch on April 27, 2002 at 13:16:12 PST:

Hello Koji,

I also can't reach many .mil sites _directly_ (e.g. However, this is apparently not because these site are generally blocked. Strangely, the problematic sites seem to be blocked from _part_ of the internet (tech-speak: there is no valid IP route from my provider to the target host).

A workaround, which has (so far) always worked for me, is to use a webbased proxy ("anonymizer") service. The server of the _proxy_ can reach the .mil server, and so you can see the .mil site. IDZap ( and Surfola ( both have free services, which are somewhat limited (e.g. no download of files with Surfola), but at least you can see the .mil sites. Good luck when trying this out.

And BTW: I can't see the Nellis page, too, but it works with Surfola :-).

Best wishes

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