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Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on December 13, 2000 at 00:03:16 EST:

hmmm...besides the White House, you mean...*grin*
nah, no "aliens" there; just simple bumpkins and jerks-
think you folk are more interested in "non-puppets"
--the real CONTROL FUN stuff is at Mount Weather, the MAIN communications facility -- outside of Purcellville, VA. (another great looking
"ag" station similar to your roost at the RANCH in NV.

Peterson (outside Colorado Springs) is central SAC as you know. Their job these days are to be lime-lighters and deflect the media from all other sites. Whitman - home to the F117A. Both YF and the newest of the litter, the JSF, claims both Nellis and the RANCH as its home turf.

Wright-Patterson in Ohio serves mostly as storage facility these days for stuff they want to keep under
wraps for awhile longer; but in the collection is much
from the Roswell site, the other crash sites
like the Greensburg PA (outside of Pittsburgh) stuff
the pseudo-FEMA teams seized. In addition there is a mortuary there and it ain't the "bogey-man" and crew on "ice."

As WHERE to ---- zero in on your old SAC missle silo
bases. Draw a circle around each location and then connect the dots. You ought to see a surprising
relationship, as they weren't chosen either by accident nor at random....

CONSIDER each for the POTENTIAL of WHAT may still BE
beneath the EACH has a SPECIAL relationship to the RANCH specifically....
(and/or to THAT which is CONTAINED therein that's
not aeronautical in the MECHANICAL sense of the word....



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