Re: Revelations on Lockheed's HGV hypersonic v.

Message posted by Fuel Fraction on April 26, 2002 at 19:25:33 PST:

Cool it down Joerg,

Hal did no post any precisions on "what" he saw on that TV program. Nor when, nor what title, nothing.

It is not a nice way to welcome the newcommers to your site....
You should be patient, i said i will post the drawing (on my site)(and i will provide the link)(probably tomorrow).

You are not the only one who can do research.

Your way of doing research is to go up the hills and to bring back grainy pictures of indistinguishible objects.

My way of doing research is to sift through tons of technical documents, talk to engineers, and connect with a variety of helpers who assist in finding material for me.
(that, and combing the net, mostly disinformation stories are found on the net, but i look at it too, as i have to eliminate from my search what is not real).

I spent 3 years doing my research on Aurora and a variety of other 'black' hypersonic projects, at times for months in line (full time).
I don't need to go travel to Area 51 to find anything.
If you had found anything while on visits there, the results would be shown here, but clearly they are not, as i have yet to see a picture an something everyone can identify the shape of.
The only thing seen on your site are pictures of far away buildings, a few Boeing 737s, a few Black Hawk helicopters, 4X4 Jeeps, and various landscape (though, interesting, from an artistic point of view), and some of the little Russian radars, and antennas on top of the hills (interesting too).
But as for classifies prototypes. Nada.

So, please, you should not say things too quickly and dismiss the 'new' participants without first looking at your own accomplishments.

Your recording of a conversation between a plane and the control tower at Groom may also be nothing else than a Mach 2 ordinary fighter (often called the generic term 'fastmover').

I also remember contacting you privately this week, but you did not answer my e-mail...

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