offensive posts??? also: art bell, ufo nuts, and decline of ufo fever

Message posted by rattan ticku on April 25, 2002 at 10:45:48 PST:

my earlier post was removed as being offensive?? i would like to point out that the post was not at all offensive, and the included link: i specifically stated that those offended by two particular things should not follow the link. (of course someone who knew they would be offended inevitably followed the link and then complained about it). Kind of like those ppl who can't figure out how to turn their tv set off and instead watch a show that offends them and then write to the producers.

has single handedly done more to discredit ufology than anyone in existence. having 'serious' ufo stuff associated with chupacabras, ghosts, angels, tooth fairy's, shadow ppl etc is a joke.

ufo fever:
ufo sites used to be #2 on after sex sites, i think i saw that ufology has dropped quite low on that list. apparently as the 'ufo' generation is getting older, they realize that aliens haven't arrived to give us immortality and solve all of our problems.


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