bob lazar;ufos;airplanes

Message posted by rattan ticku on April 25, 2002 at 9:58:38 PST:

1. high tech planes in area51 sure.
2. we all hope there r ufos there sure
3. how many of you actually think they[u.s. gov] has in its possession ufos (at area51 or elsewhere)??
4. though i no longer think anyone on earth has ufos in their possession (in fact i think its all b.s.), i must say that i think bob lazar had the BEST, most interesting ufo story of them all [roswell was good, but well before my time]. sure there were a few problems w/his story, like his school degree. but i thought it was genuinely interesting. anyone agree??
...and if he actually had his degree from that would really have been great. greatest story of all time.

thanks for listening!


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