Revelations on Lockheed's HGV hypersonic v.

Message posted by Fuel fraction on April 24, 2002 at 19:28:00 PST:

Dear guys and girls,

Hi! :)

I have a little bit of information i have found a recently which i would like to add. I have already seen the past thread on HGV here, and i believe i my data here will correct a few little inaccuracies ad well as add to the subject.

I have found the exact dimensions to HGV (!).
Here we go:

Exact LENGHT: 45.96 '
Exact SPAN: 11.14 '

Exact Lenght of rocket booster: 20.20 '
Exact Diameter of booster: 6.19 '

(ok, ok... i know the lenght of the booster and total lenght of the vehicule don't add on, but that's because there is a shroud connection between the booster and fuselage, and i wish to keep that little dimension part for myself, as i will release a model kit of that vehicule).

The following information came only from my own findings. No outside leaks involved. Now you will all be asking yourself how i found this, don't you...:) ?

actually, that's the funniest part. I calculated it myself. First, i found a drawing of the Boeing FWT (Flying Wind Tunnel). I ALSO had a drawing of the Lockheed HGV (he, he, he...). By then, i thought... mmh... what could be the dimension of the HGV...


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