Re: Nellis F-22's

Message posted by Slick on April 24, 2002 at 9:53:42 PST:

Greetings all! Not sure if anyone "cares" or will venture back to this (old) message, but just to set the "record" straight on "Raptors" going to Nellis, I thought I'd add my two-cents worth! The first two Air Vehicles (AV4010 & AV4011) slated for Nellis will actually go to Edwards first, and that should occur late this year (CY02) or early next year (CY03). The reason I'm being conservative and departing a bit from our schedule is that many of us (Fort Worth) feel the on-going strike at Marietta will begin to impact the schedule soon. Having said that, those two birds don't arrive at Nellis until CY 04. Deliveries to Nellis should begin in earnest by the end of this year (CY02) or early next year CY(03) and will start with AV4012. I guess that was more than two-cents! Have a great day all.

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