Re: These ppl r wasting their time!

Message posted by rattan ticku on April 23, 2002 at 13:31:54 PST:

yes it is too sad. remember its easy to say someone needs to take a stand, but its hard to take a stand yourself. and if your 60 years old, i don't think you should expect them to spend the remainder of their life in a courtroom.then get screwed and die.

they will never win because:
1. they r asking the criminals (gov. and courts) to find themselves guilty of criminal activity. never happen. its like asking a cop to investigate his fellow cop who's also his best friend, he'll obviously clear him. etc.

2. the media doesn't give a damn about these ppl. if it got as much media attention to area51 as it does to isreal, then congress would feel the pressure.

3. most ppl, even when informed, won't care enough to get up from their t.v. set.

4. i think these lawyers are all scumbags. i think that turley guy is doing this all for publicity imo.

before anyone gets into a lawsuit, remember that you might lose and those are a lot of years of your life down the toilet, lotta years of heartache and health effects.

anyhow, i'm starting to get off on tangents.
p.s. if i was on a jury i'd give those ppl 50 million each! teach these gov. ppl a lesson. :-)

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