Thoughts for the Thinking Human; Questions to Consider

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on December 12, 2000 at 00:09:14 EST:

1. With the renewed infux of "Science Fiction" movies and tv serials, etc (particularly during the last 10 years specifically) could it be that a screen writer or two may be acting as double-agent (so to speak) in order to DESENSITIZE the public in preparation of some great truth long hidden from prying eyes? Hint: look for more in the coming months of 2001....

2. What makes us think that we are the sole intelligent creatures in all of the known galaxies?

3. Could it be possible that their is a Hybrid life-form living among us, ie, in view of our "advancement"
in areas of genetics today? WHERE did THAT technology
come from? *blush*

4. WHAT makes one think that ALL important BLACK
projects are located in the desert of Nevada? *grin*

5. WHO said that the "Triangles" project(s) are dead?

6. Besides your "Groom" pics and radio frequencies, etc
have your "researchers" coordinated and correlated
your "finds" with those closest to other critical
facilities, Whitman, Minot, Peterson, et al ??

By the way it ain't meat in them there refrigerated
tractor-trailers that you would care to eat....



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