Groom Lake Installation Commanders

Message posted by The Bothan Spy on April 19, 2002 at 5:33:23 PST:

Here is a short list of Groom Lake Installation Commanders that I have compiled.I am most interested in the historical aspects of Area 51.

One day I would like to have a list of them all...I have no idea how many there have been, but as a rough estimate I would say the list probably would consist of 20 or 30 some odd names.

If one of you knows of any more, I would very much appreciate the information along with references if possible. (It's only fair to give the ones who did all the work credit)

I have tried to list them all in chronological order..

Col. Dick Newton (The U-2 spyplane Toward the
unknown By: Chris Pocock)

Col. Landon McConnell (Same as above)

Col. Robert Holbury (Lockheed SR-71, The secret
missions exposed By: Paul F.
Skip Anderson? (Area 51, The Dreamland
chronicles By: David
Pete Jackson? (Same as above)

Col. Larry McCain (Dark Eagles By: Curtis Peebles)

Col. Pete Winter (Same as above)

Col. James W. Hutchinson (Area 51 Viewer's Guide
By: Glenn Campbell)

Col. Craig P. Dunn (Las Vegas Review Journal
Article By:
Keith Rogers)

?=The book does not specifically name these individuals
as Installation Commanders, It simply says they were
Commanders at Groom Lake. (Skip Anderson was
Squadron Commander at Area 51 for the Stealth
program...Was he ever Base Commander?)


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