Refuelling boom

Message posted by Magoo on April 18, 2002 at 15:14:13 PST:

The boom that was found by Joerg is of the type used mainly by USN and RAF aircraft, so it's probable that it came from either an F/A-18, an F-14, a Tornado or a Jaguar. If it was manufactured as long ago as 1955 and has been there a while, then it may well be off anything from an A-4 to a EA-3! Did it show any signs of corrosion or having been there for a while Joerg, or did it look like a a recent addition to the landscape?

The fact that is was manufactured in CA and the aparant serial number seems to narrow it down to a USN type, however BAE may have sourced these from an American supplier or even the boneyard for its aircraft.



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