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Message posted by Hal on April 16, 2002 at 23:22:15 PST:

Sure, it can be done and perhaps easier than when I was involved with it in the late 90's. But consider the complexity of having perhaps eight linked sites per frequency band. These sites are spread over a large area and each site can transmit while the others "listen." Then, because you want to look on as many frequency bands as possible, you set up other sites, tying all of these together so that they can correlate detections.

But the question remains--what do you do with the data? If you report a detection, where is it going; stealth is as much tactics as radar avoidance. Stealth A/C rarely fly straight and level approaches.

Back to the original article about the B-2; when I was involved with the Have Blue, there was a problem with an antenna (on the HB) that reflected energy from an airborne radar aboard another aircraft, hence it could be seen on that aircraft's radar. That mouthful of words in that article sounds familiar somehow--like the necessity to fix a response to a high frequency radar, perhaps an airborne one.

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