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Message posted by Hal on April 16, 2002 at 8:20:54 PST:

Simple only in basic concept, Gary.

Bi-static radar is A solution, but it requires some rather sophisticated linking of the sites--all of the sites have to be on a common time base. The Chinese used a central transmitter and microwave linked the receiver sites.

Using two sites is the simplest form, but to be truly effective, multiple sites should be used. Now, if you want to use multiple transmitter this gets complicated. It can be done, but is isn't simple.

Another word or two. Presuming that you detect the stealth, what do you do with the info? The bi-static radar is a search system, not a tracking or a weapons guidance system. Guiding a weapon to the coordinates of your detection has lots of problems. perhaps the best use of the info, apart from firing everything you have (Iraqui mode) into the sky, is to send aircraft up to look for it visually.

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