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there are three other methods....

1- There is an electronic method that is the earlier stealth.
It was used by the Israeli, for their raid on the Osirak nuclear reactor.
They have several modified 707 that can generate an electronic 'tunnel', into
which the fighter aircrafts or bombers can follow and not be seen by ground radars.
This worked quite well.

2-Second alternative method:
Stick like glue to an airliner (underneath it, in the dead angle).
The ground-to-air and air-air radars won't be able to distinguish you
from the Jumbo jet. Then you have the time to dash at Mach 2 at the last
minute to make a one pass attack.
(prior knowledge of the airlines schedules and routes is of course required).

3- Fly in really crazy weather....
(storms, hurricanes, hail....).
(though, that might be bad for you turbine blades too... or your whole aircraft...)

(oops... a 4th one, but not so flexible:
4- Fly in periods of maximum solar flares. (though.. you might fry your own electronics..)

(He...! What'd you think of that Al....??).


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