Re: Fastmover and slowmover terminology

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on April 11, 2002 at 23:40:15 PST:

In my experience as civilian avaiter, aviatar ah gee's pilot, just joking, a bit of a funny. The radio lingo is familiar to me with the exception of fastmover, which is maple 58. Either they knew jeorg was listening, highly unlikely, or have normal radio protocols to normalize a black project plane I suspect very highly. The term "Fullstop" does mean landing and and coming to a full stop on the runway. then a pilot would taxi to a hangar or parking spot, etc.

In my military flight sim experiences a Fastmover is usually reffered to as a high performance aicraft such as a fighter and in most cases reffering to a radar target. In this particular case looks like some sort of black project aircraft maybe, but I must also admit that groomlake's runways are long enough for a very fast takeoff using afterburner or burners like f-16 or f-15 then cut to mil power and accomplish a fast deperature.

The f-22 could pull off a high speed take off as jeorg described w/o after burners in my opinion. So the question remains did jeorg and friends see any after burner on maple 58? well jeorg how about it?

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