Area 51 closed ? (Popular Mechanics revisited)

Message posted by Joerg (Webmaster) on April 11, 2002 at 21:30:01 PST:

Our reader "Sedalia" Mike just sent me this link to the infamous 1997 Popular Mechanics article in which the author claims that Area 51 was closed. I am surprised that it is still online, but here it is.

Notice the Photo that shows Jim Wilson leaning against the fence. It is the fence of Bombing Range 61, over 20 miles away from the REAL Area 51. Which, needless to say, is as active as ever.

The photo above shows the same gate, taken in 1999. To spare Mr. Wilson future embarrassing mistakes the new sign saying "Entering Range 61 - Contact Blackjack on Fox 4" has been added.

What happened is that Mr. Wilson missed the turn onto Groom Lake Road. Instead he continued straight on Mailbox Road, which turns into South Tikaboo Road, and eventually leads to a cattle water hole (the "washed out area" that he describes). A little further you get to the Range 61 gate shown above.

The gate is occasionally used by contractors, and usually tire tracks can be seen entering the range. However, there is no one around for 20 miles, and you can sound your horn as long as you want. Best case you may get a reaction from an annoyed cow.

Oh, and the Little A'Le'Inn's Alien Burger is served with "secretions", not "extrusions", Mr. Wilson.

Thanks for the link, Mike!

Attached link: Popular Mechanics: The New Area 51


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