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Message posted by Secret Services on December 10, 2000 at 18:53:34 EST:

First off.........put your self in the shoes of the folks on the other side of the border. You are working very hard on some very secret programs/weapons/aircraft, ranging from known technology to very controversial. And you are not concerned about the neighbors trying to peek over the wall and doing who knows what, with what they can see or hear? Well......I can assure you......they are concerned.
As far as the freqs are concerned........many communications work poorly while using scrambling techniques.....certainly some things you would be interested in other measures are used.
But it seems as if you and a small group of yours think that you know it all, and don't want to listen to some on here who have tried to supply some real info to you. You should be more inclined to listen to the folks that have been there.......may still be there........and others who have been researching the area, before you probably had even heard about it Joerg.
It was kind of funny how you thought Tom's post was interesting! He was trying to get a message across to you....and he is one you should be listening too!
But continue to do business as usual....censor some more attention to the folks who don't even live in this country, and you will continue to not get any relevant info from the guys who may have been willing to supply some. I think that Research Center may be right about you!

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