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Message posted by Hal on April 10, 2002 at 8:36:53 PST:

Addenda for my own post/answer to CLR:

Some years ago I was aboard a US ship testing an EW technique we initially called electronic stealth--others here have called it active cancelation. The air platform was an F-14, which is not especially stealthy. The ship personnel knew the aircraft approach vector yet no radar on the ship could see it long enough to develop a track--a radar hit here and there isn't sufficient to develop a track and guide a weapon.

On the second approach I authorized the pilot to go supersonic. The only thing a pilot loves more than buzzing a ship is buzzing one at supersonic speeds! The ship's radar personnel were still trying to locate the aircraft as the ship was shaken by the sonic boom. Quite an object lesson.

Of course, the above technique--also used against the French ship--requires a knowlege of the inner workings (processing techniques) of the radar. Know enough about your advasery and you can defeat him.

Some of these anti-stealth radar systems have already been installed on the desert, but not at A-51 (in my knowlege). You can't (legally) get close enough to the California, Arizona or New Mexico sites to view these systems. And, how many folks would know what you were seeing if you did see one?

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