Re: Anti-Stealth technology continues advancing

Message posted by Hal on April 10, 2002 at 8:06:29 PST:

Thanks for your post--interesting.

Per current technology, stealthiness can't be made over a radio-frequency band from DC to light. The trick is to find the band at which a stealth aircraft does reflect RF and build your radar on this band. The radar cross-section will still probably be small, so this forces the radar to use higher power, which can be a problem for the radar in the era of anti-radiation weapons--ARM. The countermeasures and the counter-countermeasures race continues. Stealth hasn't been rendered obselete, yet.

The Russian commentator sounds like a marketing type. Marketing hype and actual performance can be quite different.

Some years ago the French touted one of its radars as un-jammable and proceeded to show it off at a NATO EW test. Man, were they surprised!! Even more surprised were some of their customers and potential customers that were aboard the subject ship during the test--OUCH!

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