Re: Faceted bombs.

Message posted by Rocketfox on April 03, 2002 at 16:26:02 PST:

Big enough that it's a concern.. It's my understanding that it's in the same catagory as the return when the bomb bay doors open. Something's there that wasn't, trips the alarms, and people start flinging lead around. At that point, if nothing else, it increases the chance of a "golden BB" dramatically. With some of the newer weapons that can be released farther away, any return for that increased length of time allows for a rudimentary track, if nothing else. If I was a jet driver, I'd certainly worry about that some.

Seems to me if you're returning a signal about the size of a sparrow, that suddenly blossoms the a bomb-sized target, if you're in a multiple radar environment. a quick triangulation would give any AAA a clue where you're going.. Even accounting for radical evasive manuvers. Perhaps {and that's a very big perhaps} with the thermo baric bomb and it's possible smaller sized variants, there will be less need for shrapnel, with the greater amount of concussion. Reminds me of the "Hush-a-bomb" from a Tom Clancy novel, where the casing was treated cardboard..

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