Re: Secret a/c projects and mooning..........

Message posted by Hal on April 02, 2002 at 12:20:42 PST:

I read the article that you referenced--thanks for the web address.

Well, actual testing didn't happen in my experience on the weekends. That doesn't mean that we didn't occassionally go onto the range on a Sat or Sun to change out a TWT to get ready for Monday's OPs.

We tested stuff at the Secret and Top Secret level, but you are probably correct that something REALLY sensitive could have been tested on the weekends.

I know that a large, difficult to hide, vehicle flew out of there at times. The Soviets did spot it with their satellites and asked about it--it became an atmospheric research craft. Partly true, it did fly in the atmosphere! The DoD are the weasel-wording experts of the world!

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