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Message posted by Richard on April 02, 2002 at 8:48:44 PST:

I heard a few years back about Light Prism technology, bending light with the prisms to make it look like it is not there, but like you said, i think perfecting such a way is a long way off yet.

The thing is, stealth is old news now, and as you can see, many countries are now opting for standard aircraft profiles for future combat as stealth is too expensive and, it has been shown in many areas, it can be 'seen' in the right circumstances.
The fact is, if you build a plane that cant be viewed by a certain radar system, take a few months or years and you'll have a radar system that can see it. At the moment, its a never ending story.
There are several Russian systems that can pick up the old faceted design of the F-117 by swtiching modes and frequencies (Early Warning only) and so it wont take long for other systems to pick up newer stealth projects.
Example: Counter Measures counter electronic signals/radiation from radars and emmitters, then we have Counter-Counter measures, a system to counter....counter measures.
The same goes with Stealth, produce a stealth programme, and expect a counter-stealth programme to be developed within a few years... its cat and mouse.

Having a stealth plane flying in an intense combat theatre can not always guarantee a successful strike.
If there are 'many' enemy aircraft in the vicinity, then some time or other that beam that has bounced off the stealth plane will find its way directed towards one of the many aircraft in the vicinity. Having so many radars bobbing about in the sky, ground and on the sea, there is that possibility of the beam hitting one of those radars by mistake.

You need to absorb, not bounce in another direction, and a faceted design bounces those beams away from the emmitter, which could possibly be picked up by another receiver in a different position.

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