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Message posted by Hal on April 02, 2002 at 8:07:26 PST:

It was a Yak that resembled a 727. Encountered one of these up close at the Lima (Peru) airport--it had Cuban markings. When I walked over to it for a closer look, I was challenged by the Cuban ground crew. I told them that I merely wanted to look at the Russian airplane. They VERY PROUDLY informed me that it was a Cuban airplane!

As I understood it, the plane that over-flew China Lake flew from San Francisco to LA with a host of folks aboard--some American--and that it diverted from its flight plan to fly directly over China Lake. we got a very good look at it as we slaved a tracking camera to a fire control radar--not the one under test--and locked on. That airliner had lots of antennas on it!

We did initially lock our radar that was being tested onto this target--wanted data on its response to a large target since this radar directed anti-missile weapons and usually tracked only small targets. Got yelled at, but we got some useful data. The YAK pilot got yelled at too, but he ignored it and went on his merry way!!

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