Long Shot 96

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Hello Gary,

Sorry for a belated response. The DOE lamp is the apron near hangers used by the Dept of Energy (Remote Sensing Laboratory?) located at the northeast corner of Nellis AFB. I have noted some civil registered birds there including Cessna Citation (N10EG) and Kingair 200 (N185HP). During a big exercise, "heavies" including B-1s, B-52s, C-141s and C-17s use the lamp. In 80's, Key Airlines (the predecessor of Janet?) B.727s were seen there.

The Long Shot is (was) an annual competition similar to the famous Gunsmoke. It hasn't been held since '97, I don't know why. During the Long Shot 96, various USAF units fought in three teams. Each unit departed its base, attacked designated targets as a part of respective mission package and landed Nellis on Aug 14, 1996. F-15Cs, F-16Cs, A-10s, B-1s, B-52s, F-117s and three B-2s (0328, 0129 and 0040) participated on the "Blue" side. Holloman F-4s and Navy FA-18s played the aggressors, and E-3s, RC-135s and EF-111s supported the competition. They also landed Nellis. Tankers must have supported but didn't land. Most participants stayed on Aug 15 (no flight) and returned home on Aug 16. Only one B-2 (0040) departed on the 16th and other two were delayed for maintenance (?). I don't know when they actually departed Nellis.

Sorry it's getting too long. Give me an email if anyone is interested in more detail of Long Shot 96.


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