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Message posted by Hal on April 01, 2002 at 22:46:30 PST:

Weekends at China Lake? NAWC-WPNs China Lake is/was on a 40 hr week with Echo range on a 4 day/10 hours a day sked. Spent lots of time there but never on the weekends.

Bingo codes were used to warn folks to shut down their radars when Soviet satellites were overhead. On one occasion the code given was for a Russian aircraft in the vicinity--and it was correct as a YAK-whatever, the copy of a 727, was doing some sight-seeing over the desert with a host of diplomats aboard. I wonder if they overflew Groom.

Some folks at a large plant in Palmdale used large pieces of black plastic trash bags to spell out choice Russian curse words and placed the same near their buildings--fun. Some other folks aboard the USS Norton Sound--missile test ship--launched a large kite festooned with Russian sayings and cut the line such that it would fall on a Soviet trawler!

Mooning was the typical "salute" when Russian ships came too close. But a satellite, hummm....

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