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Message posted by Hank on April 01, 2002 at 17:55:28 PST:

I borrowed one from a friend a couple of months ago.I live in Phoenix so its not hard to get out in the desert away from the city lights.I had the same idea that you have. Maybe do the lawn chair thing by the black (now white) mailbox and see if anything showed up.The problem I had was that on a stationary object it was acceptable, but when you tried to pick up a moving object the field of vision was so narrow it was almost impossible. Kind of like trying to point a long telephoto lens and moving it at the same time.The scope he bought was $75.00. I dont believe that this was the Rolls Royce of scopes, probably the Volkwagen. I dont know much about night scopes but it wouldnt work for me.Gary is probably the scope expert, and if he sees your post he will probably reply.

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