Chasing shadows (site-R)

Message posted by gary on March 31, 2002 at 19:42:15 PST:

A bit off topic, but Site-R is the old cold war bunker that Dick Cheney hangs out at. This article is interesting because the reporter got her film confiscated by the camo dudes.

Here is the part about the film being confiscated if you don't want to read the rather long article:

"Should I take a picture?" asks Felice, who’d never been in a situation like this before.

"Go for it," I tell her, even though I have and should have known better.

Behind the fence, I notice the soldiers seem agitated. Two metal barriers rise behind the fence, blocking any access to anyone deciding to crash through.

I pull my blue press card out of my wallet and place it in my hand, which I hold over my head as I walk up the hill, slowly.

I am quickly approached by a female MP and her two subordinates.

"Did she take pictures?" the boss MP demands.

"Yes, I believe she did," I answer.

"Don’t you know you are not supposed to? We are going to have to confiscate the film."

"Please wait here until I can get the non-commissioned officer in charge," she says, turning to head back to the guard house.

So what is the deal about the NCO?

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