Re: Wake-up call......HUH?

Message posted by Spooky_Dogg on December 08, 2000 at 22:17:01 EST:

1. black projects are not all aeronautical;
a project or two is related to robotics
mixed with a tad or two of genetics....

2. placement of critical facilities are not by
accident; but are by design, relational one to
the other, particular attention should be shown
the the large array facing Bald Mountain, then
look at similar arrays; directional patterns should
become obvious - just look at the map sometime -
you already know the main military facilities

3. i meant "spook" as in black-bag ops, ie,
central security service, operations directorate,
central intelligence agency

4. red aggressor team you see flying about make run
with the nellis pack but are permanent party
assigned at the RANCH....

5. as for "underground ops" you may well have seen more
than you have bargained for, if you'd just piece the
puzzle together - i.e., not all gray and black ops
are the RANCH....they are but ONE of the spokes in
wheel.... you'd may someday be surprised to learn
what hidden treasure may be found in a trailer-

The Dogg

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