Black World F-117A crashes/mysteries (further info)

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The Have Blues crashed in the 1970s.

A YF-117A crashed on 4/20/82, F-117As on 7/11/86, and 10/14/87. NOTE: different date from mystery crash on 11/16/87. This WAS NOT an F-117A from my sources. They were VERY clear on that.

There is also a mystery 4450th TG A-7D (#70-1051) Corsair II that possibly crashed in 1985(?), (not the one that crashed on 10/20/87) and a mystery death of a Bandit (#166 Dutch Reifler) in October 1984 in an apparent aircraft crash related to the F-117A program. These could be one in the same, but they don't sound that way from my limited investigations I've done based on the years.

No further info on ANY of this stuff has surfaced, and I have personally uncovered most of the patchy info above.

The various crashes can be seen on my website:

Lots of questions to still be answered regarding the -117s black years.

F-117A Webmaster

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