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Message posted by gary on March 29, 2002 at 0:07:32 PST:

Here is the so called location, which of course is not consistent if you know where the secret base is located:
Nellis Air Force Major Victor Andrijauskas said the pilot was killed when the
plane crashed on the Nellis Air Force Gunnery range about 8:45 p.m. Wednesday.
The crash was about 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas and 50 miles south of a
secret air base where the Air Force is known to test the Stealth fighter.
Now if they meant 50 miles south of the TTR and 100 miles northwest of Vegas, that would be a spot on the TTR roughly at N37.37 W116.75 No terraserver coverage there. The area could be seen from Stonewall Mountain, but it is unlikely you could say there was a crash at a certain spot by looking from that far away.

Tom Mahood had a section on hiking Stonewall on his website. Sounds pretty nasty.

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