OK, here's a mystery for people to hunt info about....

Message posted by F-117A Webmaster on March 28, 2002 at 21:48:42 PST:

November 16, 1987
Pilot killed in crash

"A possible reported crash of a stealth aircraft occurred November 16, 1987. An aircraft, described by Pentagon sources as a top-secret stealth fighter, crashed in a rugged desert area, killing the pilot.

Major Victor Andrijauskas, a USAF official at Nellis AFB, Nevada, stated that the aircraft was flying over the Nellis gunnery range when it crashed. Another Pentagon official said at the time that the plane was similar to the one that crashed in California the year before.(1986)"

The above info came from a book.
Well folks, it wasn't an F-117A. But what it was, we don't know. I have gotten independent confirmation that yes, something crashed that night, but my source would say nothing further.

Start diggin folks.



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