Re: YF-117A. YF-12, etc etc

Message posted by John on March 28, 2002 at 19:30:45 PST:

Ah yes, Military alpha-numerical sequencing, from my personal experience can best be described as a Cluster F***, and all the interdepartemental hatred that goes along with it. I once ordered a new Amature for a generator, I only entered one digit of the F.S.N. incorrectly, and was sent a complete jet engine...true story!!! I am gratefull for all the knowledge gained
from the serious posters on this sight about "Black Projects" I often wonder what would happen if "someone"
were to order, thru the proper channels a complete flying "Black Project" with the proper F.S.N. because
even "Black Projects" all have an F.S.N.

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