Re: Rhetorical Questions?????

Message posted by wolfbane on March 28, 2002 at 12:26:18 PST:


You gave answers to questions I didn't ask, rhetorical or not. I am well aware of the roles and missions of the aircraft you mention. Just because you have not been chosen by the officials to see and know about certain things isn't my fault. Don't blame me if you can't see an F-19 (or XF-19), A-11, or whatever. My rhetorical questions means that there is an A-11, they just haven't acknowledged it yet.

There have been numerous secret aircraft that recieved standard aircraft designations. If you or anyone else have not seen them, then you're not looking hard enough. In order to see something means that sometimes you'll have to open your eyes and look, simple as that. Instead of looking for someone else to do the work for you, go find the answers yourself.
All I see you having is doubts, and very little knowledge. Doubts mean nothing. Back up what you say
with facts, just as you are asking me to do every time you post a reply to something I wrote. Don't just throw insults and doubts about something you know nothing about.


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