Rhetorical Questions?????

Message posted by wolfbane on March 27, 2002 at 15:59:29 PST:

No needs (but you can if you like) to answer these questions. I know that most if not all of you have asked yourselves these things many, many times. Here they are:

1. Why did the USAF not make a fuss when they retired the F-111s, when everybody knows that F-16s can't do the same job as the Vark?

2. Why did the USN likewise not cry foul when the DOD canceled the A-12? Or that they made no fuss about geting rid of their A-6 Intruders. The USAF was supposed to buy the A-12 to replace the F-111, but when the A-12 was canceled, the Air Force said that it was satisfied with the platforms it already, without mentioning what platforms. Why?

3. How come has not noticed the gap between the A-10 Thunderbolt II and the A-12 Avenger II? Its an obvious gap, just as much as the one between F/A-18 and F-20.



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