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Message posted by wolfbane on March 27, 2002 at 15:45:11 PST:

Hi, Russ:

Wolfbane here. Just to illustrate that the official government will try to cover thier a$$es and cause as much confusion as possible to keep black programs black, here is something to ponder on the simple name

1. ASTRA - acronym (Advanced System Training Aircraft)
This is an RAF Hawk T.1 based at Boscombe Down,
England. This aircraft was there on September 26,
2. USAF C-38 Astra (a name, not an acronym). The
US didn't actually need this, but its a transport
with the name Astra.
3. And the acronym you mentioned, it too also being
called ASTRA.

Keep aware, the will crop up a lot more, especially since the A-11 is referred to as Astra by certain high
echelon sources. The name "Bird of Prey" belongs to a
modified F-15 used on the Nellis Air Range Complex.


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