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Message posted by Tom on December 08, 2000 at 00:58:50 EST:

Time to piss off the powers-that-be. It's been far too long, and I'm way overdue.

In regards to Janet info, anyone determined enough can simply rent an upper level room at the Luxor, facing the Janet terminal, and set up camp. If you're are big enough a loser to spend an entire day in front of a spotting scope, it's possible to accurately count all the passengers boarding and getting off each flight. Couple that with the aircraft call signs, and it's trivial to figure out a personnel flow rate to both TTR and Groom, and how long they are there for.

For example, if some moron picked a particular Thursday, about 5 years ago, they would have seen the following brief summary of a rather large pile of data:

Flights to and from Groom, 11 each way.

Passengers to and from Groom, 710.

Most all passengers left between 4:30 AM and 8:30 AM, but the was on significant departure at 11:30 AM with 74 passengers.

Peak flight was the return flight at 2:10 PM with 128 passengers.

Apparent time for any group of passengers from departure to return was about 9 1/2 hours. Figuring a 1/2 travel time and 30 minutes for lunch, this gives an 8 hour work day. As there was no noticeable decrease in the parking lot on Fridays, 4 day work weeks could be ruled out.

Flights to and from TTR, 7 each way.

Passengers to and from TTR, 398.

Most all passengers departed between 5:20 AM and 7:50 AM and returned between 3:50 PM and 7:20 PM.

Max flight occurred twice with 109 passengers, leaving at 7:15 AM and another returning at 3:50 PM.

Review of the time between departure and return showed about 10 1/2 hours. Factoring in a slightly longer travel time than to Groom, it would seem they also were maintaining an 8 hour work day, but perhaps with an hour lunch.

Total daily Janet passengers for Groom AND TTR was 1108.

BTW, the point of this little exercise was to do an "audit" of all the flights arriving and departing to determine if there was any indication of Janet flights servicing some other, unknown site. There was no evidence at all in the data that this was occuring. Also keep in mind this was 5 years ago.

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