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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on March 27, 2002 at 7:47:21 PST: offers a web translator, which can do 150 words at a time. I fed it a few paragraphs, and the results were IMHO "borderline" ;-).

Anyway, while the article in question is a good summary of the history of Groom Lake and the "research" into secret projects, it doesn't contain any earth-shattering news. Actually there are some inaccuracies (e.g. the 1995 land grab is said to include not only Freedom Ridge and Whitesides, but Tikaboo as well), and outdated information (the article was apparently written in 1998).
The article ends with a bit of speculation about what type(s) of aerospace vehicle(s) would most consistently explain the various reports. The author's favorite is a two-stage reusable aero-spaceplane, consisting of a large launcher ("Mothership") and a small space shuttle ("Brilliant Buzzard").

All said, I don't think it's worth too much effort to "translate" it in chunks using web-based tools ;-)!


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