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Message posted by gary on March 26, 2002 at 19:34:51 PST:

I don't recall any reports of viewers on Tikaboo being harassed by camo dudes or any LEO. There are plenty of reports of viewers near the border getting a visit or being dusted by the Pavehawk, though no reports of dusting in recent history. I could see the chopper or camo dudes being used as a diversion to get a plane into the air. Once the plane is high enough, there isn't much to see.

I'm not inclined to agree that every time a visitor gets the chopper treatment that a plane has been launched in the daylight. With one exception, the chopper has only come to visit me on remote border roads where no dudes are in position.

The time I got to see the chopper on Groom Lake Road was very unusual. I made it to the parking area near the front gate and no camo dudes were around (yes I know the various places where the park to observe). The road was covered with snow, so can you blame the dudes for going back to the shack and watching the tube? I stood by my truck for about 10 minutes without anything to photograph until the chopper came to visit. Shortly after that, the camo dudes showed up and got in my face much more than normal. They parked on GLR in free territory rather than behind the border. I played a cat and mouse game with them by getting out of my truck and walking towards the border, but then quickly turning around and heading back to the parking area. The dudes made a high speed run for the border in the snow when they saw me approaching. That was on the road that goes from GLR past the parking area.

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